Sales Training

Your reps need to know your products better than your customers do. Build a sales organization that nimbly ties your solutions to the customers issues. Customers want you to add value to the sales process. Sales training can be fun, interactive, and measured so you can tie outcomes to sales.

Empower and enable to achieve greater sales.

That is the name of the game for sales training. We study best practices in adult learning theory to help sales teams understand the benefits of your big, new product release. You can use our techniques like gamification and training activities to help reps discover and find the information – this is much more effective than giving them a 40 page PowerPoint deck and expecting them to remember everything. Engaging training is more effective. 

Don’t have your marketing messaging finalized? We can interview your team and your customers to develop a Key Messaging Guide that will be the foundation for all of your marketing and training materials. We provide strategy and all the production – from writing, videography, graphic design…. All the way till the marketing and training pieces are launched.

Video Training

Eliminate the repetition of training new hires over and over. We’ll direct and record your sales trainer and provide instructional design so your live training will be effective in an online setting.

Interactive Training

Engaging content is more memorable. Our instructional designers can upgrade your static courses into gamified training that is fun and will help drive behavior change in your sales team.

Talk Tracks

Our skilled strategists and copywriters can develop your product messaging and write the talk-tracks that your regulatory team will approve and will turn heads with your prospects.

LMS Integration

We can create highly interactive SCORM packages that will slot right into your learning management system. Assessments are key to tracking progress and gauging efficacy. We can even automatically create a certificate of completion.


Launchbooks can provide all the competitive messaging and product training–everything your reps need to be ready to get out and sell–all in one interactive package. With rich interactivity, your team will enjoy completing their training.


Playbooks are great at bringing new reps up to speed on best practices from your experienced team. You can easily handle objections or navigate right to your best product based on the customer’s needs.

Knowledge is power.
– Francis Bacon

Sales reps involved in knowledge sharing programs had nearly twice the increase in sales performance over 4 weeks.

24% increase for reps in knowledge sharing programs compared to 13% for incentive based programs. -Harvard Business Review