A farmer is not done once the seeds are planted. They water, pick weeds, and care for their plants till the fruit is ripe. We think this analogy is apt for the sales enablement and app development process. Just making a B2B app doesn’t make it a success. You need to cultivate the release and launch of your new sales app. 

Cultivation of your sales materials can take many forms

We love to build these tactics right into our development process so we can learn from what works, help your teams be effective, and provide analysis of the results. 

We usually think smaller apps are more effective. It allows you to finish the project and launch it. Also, you can target specific sales needs more easily. Using a phased approach you can add features to the app and make revisions based on rep feedback and by studying the analytics. 

Align Sales and Marketing

While we are planning the strategy and wireframes of the app, we want to get your team all on the same page and hear from people that are going to use the app. We’ve had great discussions with reps to ensure the app solves all their business needs–building alignment between your teams.

App Training

Many reps are not savvy with digital techniques so we streamline our apps to be easy to use. We also create simple PDFs or screen-capture demos of the app so reps can train and be confident in front of their clients. We are big fans of writing  ‘just in time’ training with Talk Tracks. It is like muscle memory for the reps by providing this training right in the app.

Post-launch Interview and Surveys

We love to speak with your reps after the app is launched to see how they are using it and get real-world feedback from how it helped their conversations, and what tweaks may be needed for a future update to the app. While we find interviews the best, we have found surveys to be helpful, too.


There is so much data we can collect – but what helps you make decisions for future revisions? We love to dig into the data to make sense of it and provide actionable next steps. Combine the analytics with sales rep interviews of how they use the app and we have a powerful diagnosis for what is needed next for your sales enablement process.

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