In an effort to be of service to our community during the time of COVID-19, People Productions is offering virtual funeral services, allowing friends and family to livestream and engage real-time with their loved-ones while staying safe in the comfort of their homes. 

CEO Don Poe speaks to the need, “We want to apply our skills and expertise to help families engage in one of the most essential parts of the healing process, saying goodbye. Until there is a vaccine, travel is limited for many of us. Friends and family members can gather collectively online and view live video streaming of the services. It is our hope that this offering can provide some level of support and comfort to grieving communities.” 

While Colorado, like other states, has allowed people to move about more freely, group sizes are still limited. As funeral directors take an oath to obey local laws, friends and family are left with a challenge. “Many people are still highly susceptible to COVID-19, and air travel or large groups can be a real threat,” said Poe. “We believe we have a next-best solution that meets everyone’s needs without increasing risk factors.” 

Families have the option to make the livestreams public or private. They also have a recording to share with others as they wish after the event. In addition, People Productions can customize unique and thoughtful video tributes using photos and videos of the deceased, enabling communities to share remembrance of their loved ones through virtual memorials. 

People Productions has assisted with other events during the pandemic, from Sunday morning services to training events, and has also helped companies new to webinars to ensure they run smoothly. 

“We’ve recorded funerals before when family members couldn’t make it or when children were too young to understand the comments people made about their parents” said Poe. “Now, more than ever, we hope to use what we know to help people find ways to gather and grieve together. We are grateful that people won’t need this service for long, but while they do, we’re here to help.” 

Stay close to loved ones during difficult times.

People Productions guides companies through the use of webinar technology, keeping families connected after the loss of a loved one.

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