Rethink Marketing After A Content Audit

It’s easy to get nostalgic about that old couch you lounged on during the college days, that you took from apartment to apartment. But, when you finally buy a house, that old couch seems out of place. Sometimes your sales organization’s content and messaging needs an upgrade too. The story of your company may have evolved, but attachment to old content and sales methods becomes a barrier to sales. Sometimes it is tough to even see your organization with new eyes – so you may need help with a content audit. 

Bottom line, a content audit helps streamline your story, and ensures that your customers aren’t experiencing gaps in your sales material.

The primary goal of a content audit is mapping sales content against the sales funnel through a strategic review process. It can be tough to be honest about the relevance of your content, and to know your customer’s journey well enough to know what they want to know, instead of you just retelling what you think they want. 

An important first step is to interview sales team leaders and ask some critical questions:

  • Is sales content fresh and up to date? 
  • Do reps feel their content moves deals forward? 
  • What pushbacks do they near often, and are they able to answer the issues?
  • Does the information represent the product well? 
  • How easy is it for your team to find the right piece of content when they need it?

Take a look at our process on this infographic. Click through the stages to get started on your own process, or, we can work with your teams to help ensure your marketing and sales organization is not just sitting around on an old couch. Your customers will notice your old material – especially when compared to your competitors new marketing collateral.

From print to video, animations to training materials; People Productions uses sophisticated storytelling throughout the sales process. We organize marketing material to match your buyers’ journey. Before embarking on a content audit we set clear goals identifying areas that content will help most and protect your investment by focusing on the content that matters. Results are then measured, and content refined and, ultimately, your company closes more deals with happier customers.

Learn more about our entire sales enablement process here