One of the things we love most is making complex stories and technologies easier to understand. We collaborate closely on projects and guide you through our insightful 6-step process to create an awesome new app that meets your business’ unique and specific needs in powerful and engaging new ways.


What’s Possible Together

We listen to understand you and your customers’ objectives, We want to know what success looks like for you and collaborate to find the right path. Often, this starts with an interview with key team members and other key stakeholders. We’ll uncover what their challenges are, what tools they’re struggling with, and what they want in the perfect sales tool.


Boundaries and Goals for Success

We’ll create a content map and structure the user experience with wireframes to outline the requirements established in discovery. In this phase, we refine storyboards and create tangible milestones around project goals, ensuring a realistic timeline.


For the Human Experience

Good design is a marriage of smart user interface and clear usability that comes together to excite and simplify your audience’s experience. Adhering to brand guidelines, we create a persuasive and memorable journey for users. We’ll tell a visual story that articulates the message in an intuitive way and also provides the WOW that every customer expects and deserves..


And Integrate Purposefully

Interactive apps allow you to engage, inspire and interact with your customers, tracking their interactions and collecting valuable business information. Our development phase is where we build your engine, tightening the nuts and bolts, and adding critical components like databases, We create the code that provides the brains behind your tool. From search functions and shopping carts, to custom content management systems, we empower your users and accentuate your story.


Embark on a New Beginning

Your application has been thoroughly tested and the day is finally here! We’ll go far beyond a simple release by assisting in submitting your app to the app store, or loading into your sales enablement platform. Also, we can create other marketing or training materials to ensure you get the engagement you want. We can provide in- app feedback channels to ensure you’re tracking users and measuring your success.


Learning from the Process

After launch, we always sit down as a team and evaluate a project’s successes and any lessons learned along the way. At this stage, we revisit your marketing strategy and analyze the initial metrics against your project goals. We follow through to ensure you are aligned with potential outcomes and identify any new project angles.

Our Apps Create World-Class Sales Experiences

Our apps create a “wow” factor for products and services that are empowering, effective, and interactive. They illustrate complex concepts clearly, modernize and elevate brand perceptions and capture data on the spot. With both marketing and training, we guide clients through all aspects of an apps journey; starting with articulating goals, developing content, and ultimately creating road maps for future iterations. People Productions ensures companies tell the right story, setting key metrics from the beginning, measuring ROI along the way, and navigating companies toward success each step of the way.

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