We Love

Our team is passionate about creating learning experiences that go beyond. Beyond just teaching. Beyond instruction. Beyond slide-show-style training. Our goal on every project is to help you create eLearning that is purpose driven, highly interactive, experiential, and that results in immediate benefit for the learner.

1Each learning experience we create is built to engage adults with specific steps. First, we develop content that helps learners take in and understand information.

2Then, we connect what they are learning to their world…their activities and goals.

3We know adults learn better if they are asked to do something with the information. So, we bring in interactive exercises to help learners integrate knowledge.

4Finally, research shows that activities in which the learner applies knowledge, when they try or create something, increase retention and behavior change. So, we provide plenty of opportunities to do just that.

How We Can Help

Learning & Development Assessment

We begin by looking at your goals. What are you really trying to accomplish for your learners. How do you want their behavior to change? What is the actual outcome you’re seeking from that changed behavior? Then we assess your existing tools and look for the elements that are working and what can be changed.

Learning Design

Collaboration with subject matter experts (SME) is the underpinning to great instructional design. We get inside their heads and delve into the depths of their knowledge so that we truly understand the nuance of the learning objectives and their unique take on the material. Then, we take that knowledge and distill it into a compelling narrative, visual feel, and comprehensive storyboard that guides course development.

Course Development

Before beginning development, we work closely with you to make sure the storyboard captures everything your SMEs require. Our developers then meticulously build each scene and screen to bring the storyboard to life. Everything we build is SCORM and 508 compliant. Throughout the process our quality assurance professionals check both functionality and content with care.

Animation, Video and Interactive Media Integration

Since our roots are in video production and app development, our team adds a unique level of interactivity and media engagement to your courses. We have in-house animators, video professionals, visual designers, and app developers and the expertise to know how to enhance your courses effectively with media-rich content.

Learning Management System Integration

With the breadth of LMS systems available, it’s critical for you to have a team who understands these systems and can make sure your courses function flawlessly within the LMS. If you’re the content expert, the larger organization’s LMS may seem like a mystery. We can help you learn and coordinate how to manage the end-to-end learner’s journey.

Translation and Localization

Creating online learning for learners in countries other than the U.S. requires a lot more than simply translating words. Even creating courses for English language speakers in countries such as Canada and Australia requires careful attention to cultural nuance. Our team has translated and localized projects into more than 40 different languages, including many non-Latin-based languages such as Russian, Arabic, and Thai.

For more information about training and learning, visit our satellite website: www.LearningP2P.com