Best Practices in Webinars and Zoom Meetings

Connecting online is here to stay for both sales and training. And, while you know your topic and products, using live streaming and webinars can present creative and technical challenges. We have developed unique techniques to keep your audience interested throughout your event. We can also help you engage with them after your event.

Build Your Brand


1A smooth event builds trust in your company. Having an interactive event gives your presentation more excitement and connection with your brand. This new medium takes special consideration to be effective. 

Connect With Your Audiences


2Trade shows and live training are cancelled. You still need to help prospective customers learn about your products and build your sales funnel. A smart, well-designed live event will bring customers closer to you.

Leverage Technical Expertise


3You know your topic. Let us help you shine. We can plan the event, promote it, and facilitate the actual live broadcast. This way, you can focus on confidently delivering your expertise while we run a great marketing or training event.



Upgrade your typical webinar with our ideas to make your event look great and engage your customer. We can develop a well-written presentation with branded slides, polls and other interactivities so you can track your customer’s interest after the event.




Whether your in-person training needs to be pushed online, you are supplementing a larger eLearning program, or you need an all-new course from scratch, our instructional designer will work with you to ensure your educational goals are met. 


How We Can Help

Live Video Streaming

  • Single or multiple cameras at your event
  • Your remote on-camera people can get microphones and green screens shipped to them to improve poor video and audio issues.
  • Should you pre-record your event or perform it live? We’ll give you our thoughts.

Presentation Writing

  • Develop the messaging for your event
  • Script writing
  • Develop interactivities
  • Create compelling PowerPoint slide decks

Promoting Your Event

  • We can create all the social media posts, email campaigns, landing pages and other material to encourage people to attend.
  • Use an edited ‘highlight’ video of the completed event for posting on social media and blog posts.

Coaching and Practice

  • Your subject matter experts will shine after we hold dry-runs to help them feel comfortable with the medium.
  • We can coach your team on presenting to ensure they look and sound great.

Technical and Facilitation

  • We handle registrations, get releases from everyone involved, and administer all web development 
  • Feel confident when we facilitate the actual event, helping to coordinate breakout rooms, Q&A, polls, queue up music and video segments, and other techniques to make events feel inviting and unique. 

Broadcast Engagement & Followup

  • Just showing Power Points with your presenters is boring. We have techniques to increase engagement during the event, which builds retention of your information
  • Polls, mini-apps and eLearning activities allow you to collect information about specific viewers to engage with them during and after the event.

Best Practices

  • We’re the media people. Feel confident in the complete process with our best practices guidelines, from messaging and marketing, to what looks good on-camera for your talent, streamlining your PPTs, and a plethora of other secrets we have to make your event shine.

Post Event Analytics

  • Reviewing analytics and getting information into your CRM is vital for following up on leads.
  • Need help with other marketing collateral? You can work with our team on a complete campaign to close the new prospects.
  • Use information gathered from your participants to help guide product development and future events.