We get it. Time passes and your marketing materials start to show their age. Target audiences shift, and your messaging needs to be updated. Click through the circles on the left to see our process for ensuring your content is modern and addresses all of your clients’ needs.

Inspiring Marketing Materials
Every Step of the Way

It can be tough to see your organization with new eyes. The story of your company may have evolved, your existing marketing content may need re-branding, or your buyer’s journey may have shifted. Bottom line – you may need help with a content audit. 

A content audit helps streamline your story, and ensures that your customers aren’t experiencing gaps in your sales material. We’ll make sure you have messaging and materials for every step of the sales cycle. 

The primary goal of a content audit maps your sales content against the sales funnel. It can be tough in this strategic review to be honest with yourself about the relevance of your content. We can leverage our cross-industry knowledge to improve your marketing and sales materials.

An important first step in the content audit process  is to interview sales team leaders and ask some critical questions:

 Is sales content fresh and up to date?
• Do reps feel their content moves deals forward?
• What pushbacks do they hear often, and are they able to answer the issues?
• Does the information represent the product well?
• How easy is it for your team to find the right piece of content when they need it?

Let’s Dig Into Your Content

When you are moving to a new sales enablement platform or upgrading your website, it is like moving into a new house. It’s easy to get nostalgic about that old couch you lounged on during the college days as you moved from apartment to apartment. But, when you finally buy a gorgeous new house, that old couch seems out of place. Sometimes your sales organization’s content and messaging needs an upgrade too. A content audit will help freshen your approach.

Our content audit process includes these steps:


  • What content do you have?
  • Where does your content live?
  • How is your content accessed?
  • Do you have current metrics on usage?


  • How old is a particular asset?
  • How much has an asset been presented?
  • Is content available in a usable format?
  • What’s the cost/ROI for each asset?
  • Does an asset achieve communication goals?
  • Has feedback been favorable?


  • Assess your audience and understand their buying stage
  • Align messaging to their awareness level, whether they’re completely unaware, considering action, or fully committed


  • Repurpose existing assets
  • Invest in new assets
  • Rank for deployment


  • Evaluate existing delivery modes
  • Make new delivery methods


  • Consider your analytics strategy: whether descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive
  • Measure, adjust, repeat

Sales Enablement Platform

We’ve helped enterprise companies to small scale sales organizations lay the foundation for a successful implementation of sales enablement platforms like Showpad through our iterative process.

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